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Build Your Private Practice – AACC Mega National Conference

February 20th, 2020

Join us at the AACC 2020 Mega National Conference in Dallas Texas to learn more about how Genesis Assist can help you build your private practice.

With services like EHR & billing, Insurance Credentialing, and Consulting, Genesis Assist provides expert advice, tools, and community to help your private counseling practice succeed.

Learn more about AACC 2020 Mega National Conference. 




AACC 2019 World Conference

July 1st, 2019

The World’s Premier Christian Counseling Event

Once again Genesis Assist is honored to be presenting at the world’s premier Christian counseling event, AACC 2019 World Conference.

With 25 Professional, Clinical, and Academic Tracks, along with Track Leaders and Coordinators, and Complete Pre-conference Workshop Schedule this event is one to not miss.

Join Genesis Assist’s Co- Founders, Steve and Dr. Tina Greer, as they share experienced and knowledgable insights on Private Practice 4.0 and Success in the Digital Age.


THURSDAY, 8:45 AM | learn more & register >>


Visit us at our booth! #318

Genesis Assist - AACC World's 2019





Genesis at the 2017 Annual APA Conference

August 7th, 2017

A few of our Genesis team members had the privilege of attending and exhibiting at the American Psychological Association (APA) Convention this year in Washington DC (August 2–6, 2017).

I was honored to meet Dr. Philip Zimbardo at the APA Convention. Dr. Zimbardo is a psychologist and a professor emeritus at Stanford University. He has served as the President of the APA. He is known for his 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment and has since authored many notable works, including The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil and his TED talk on The Psychology of Evil. More recently, he has written on heroism.

I remember learning of the landmark Stanford Prison Experiment in my earliest Introduction to Psychology course at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida in 1986. It is sobering to realize that any of us can fall prey to abuse of power. In my academic career, I continued to revisit the Stanford Prison Experiment as an MA, Ed.S, and Psy.D. student, as well as teach about it in multiple psychology courses. In all my receptions to this experiment, I was deeply stirred and sometimes in tears. An overview of the Stanford prison experiment can be found at .

Dr. Zimbardo notes on his website that he was born during the Great Depression (1933) and grew up in the Bronx in poverty, where he witnessed the interplay of good and evil. This influenced his interest in the human condition, the primary subject matter of his career as a social psychologist.

One of my areas of specialty as a psychologist is trauma recovery, and specifically helping clients who were traumatized during childhood. I have had the privilege in my counseling career to journey with courageous souls in the healing process. I have also personally experienced healing in my own life.

God heals all human diseases (Psalm 103:3). That includes physical, mental, relational, psychological, spiritual, and those of the soul. God alone understands the mystery of good verses evil in our world, lives, and our very human nature. Only God is responsible for redemption of all pain. The primary passage that informs my trauma recovery work is Genesis 50:20,

“What was intended for evil, GOD has used for good and the saving of many people.”

By Trina Young Greer, Psy.D.

Genesis Counseling Center, Executive Director

Genesis Assist at APA Annual Convention

July 31st, 2014

Convention HeaderGenesis Assist will be exhibiting at booth 445 at the APA Annual Convention in Washington, DC on Aug 7 – 10. 

Trina and Steve will also be speaking on “What We Didn’t Learn in School – Building a Successful Private Practice”.  Please stop by and see us!



Genesis Assist at the AACC Marriage & Family Summit

July 12th, 2014

Join us July 17 – 19 in San Diego, CA for the AACC International Marriage & Family Summit.  We will be exhibiting with some great savings on all our services!  Trina will also be speaking on Shattered Innocense.  Please come visit!

AACC Marriage Summit


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